• Soldbuch to Heereswerkmeister Fritz Tusche. First issue opened in May 1940. Tusche was a professional mechanic who continued his profession in the Wehrmacht. For the first part of the war he worked with a number of technical units (in Pirna, Breslau, Sagan, ...), and the Artillerie-Regiment 14 of the 14. Infanterie-Division (mot.). Mid 1943, he joined the staff of Artillerie-Abteilung RSO 733. This unit was equiped with the famous Raupenschlepper Ost, which were used for tracking the 18 cm guns. The Abteilung was active as Heerestruppe in northern Italy, then on the Ligurian coast (La Spezia), and fighting on the Sangro river front, winter 1943/44. Tusche continued to serve with this unit in 1944-45, retreating through northern Italy, earning the KVKII in September 1944 and ending the war as Heereswerkmeister.  
  • Soldbuch in good condition, with pages loose but a 100% complete. Notice the pistol entries (a.o. Erfurt) and the rare Heereswerkmeister shoulder boards shown on the portrait photo.  

Raupenschlepper Ost Soldbuch Italy

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