• Soldbuch to Handwerker Max Hähnel. First issue from May 1940. Hähnel, a professional driver in civilian life, continued his job in supply units in the Heer. He earned the Ostmedaille, the Romanian crusade against communism medal and the Krimschild on the Eastern Front. By 1944, he served with the schwere Kfz-Instandsetzungs-Kompanie 927. This Kompanie is known to be active in the Milano area in Italy. Notice he was awarded the KVKII by this unit in September 1944, and was equiped with an Italian carabine in April 1945. This last entry suggests he ended the war on the Northern Italy front.  
  • The Soldbuch is in a used but complete condition. The very nice portrait photo clearly shows the Krimschild in wear.  

Krimschild Soldbuch, Italy

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