• Soldbuch to Marineartillerie-Oberstabsgefreiter Otto Vinçon. Issued in June 1941 by the Batteriechef of Marine-Flak-Abteilung 236 in Emden, June 1941. This older soldier, who had presumably taken over his corporal grade from WWI, served with the same Abteilung until at least March 1944, as part of the Atlantikwall in Emden, on the Dutch border in northern Germany. The cover and first page have been crossed out in red. Usually this indicated the soldier was KIA; in this case Vinçon is not listed on the Volksbund grave register - he may have died a natural death or he may have been released. 
  • Complete Soldbuch in very good condition, with portrait photo.   

Marineflak Soldbuch Emden

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