• Soldbuch to Matrose Robert Goldmann. First issue in May 1941 by the Marine-Stamm-Abteilung Beverloo in Belgium. Interestingly, Goldmann was born in Kopenhagen, Denmark. He lived with his wife in Hamburg-Altona. Shortly after his Soldbuch was opened, he was sent to Brest (France), but ended up in hospital in Paris by the end of July. He traveled back to Brest to serve with Marine-Flak-Abteilung 803 in November 1941, but after a month ended up in hospital again with the same digestive complaints. These eventually led to his release from the Wehrmacht in February 1942. Goldmann was awarded the "Kriegsabzeichen für Minensuch-, Ubootsjagd und Sicherungsverbände" (Minesweeper badge) in 1941.  
  • Soldbuch in very good and complete condition.  

Soldbuch born in Denmark, Marineflak Brest

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