• Soldbuch to Obergefreiter Fritz Schulte. First issue from May 1942 by the Luftgau-Nachrichten-Regiment 2. After a short career with Luftwaffe radio units, he joined the staff of Artillerie-Regiment 3 (L) of the newly erected 3rd Luftwaffen-Felddivision in October 1942. This LWFD was deployed on the central sector of the Eastern Front (Newel, Witebsk). Especially after it was transferred from the Luftwaffe to the Heer in November 1943, it saw heavy losses on the Witebsk front and was dissolved in January 1944. Schulte was one of the survivors; after a home leave he was sent to a new unit: the leichte Flak-Abteilung 78. 
  • After a few months of fighting in the East, Schulte was retreated with his Abteilung to France in June 1944. It was first in the area of Le Havre (July). Entries from late July locate him in Vincennes (Paris). In August, the Abteilung moved to the area of Narbonne and Argentan, avoiding the Invasion front in Normandy, and retreating into the Reich in September. It saw further action in the Saarpfalz and then the Battle of the Bulge. A security stamp on page 11 confirms he was part of the 47. Panzerkorps in November 1944. Within this corps, he gave support to a number of divisions including the Panzer-Lehr and 2.Pz.Div. in the Ardennes. Apart from a vaccination that was likely in his POW time, the last dated entry is a k98 issued on 20th of November 1944: likely Fritz Schulte was taken POW in the Ardennes.  
  • The Soldbuch is in a complete and very good condition.  

LWFD Soldbuch, Flak Ardennes POW

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