• Wehrpass to Obergrenadier Hugo Kebeiks. This young boy, born 1924 in Dortmund, was trained as a Panzerj√§ger - also including the heavy 7,5 cm PaK. From the Grenadier-Regiment "Wahn" 2, he was added to the reformed 331. Infanterie-Division in March 1944, serving as a Panzerj√§ger with Grenadier-Regiment 559. Stationed in Northern France near Lille, the division was immediately rushed to Normandy following the Invasion. Kebeiks saw action near Caen and in the battle of Saint-Lo. His division was one of the first to break out of the Falaise gap, but his story does not end well. Hugo Kebeiks was killed in action while fighting off the British tanks on the Seine river bridgehead in Elbeuf, south of Rouen.  He was hit by shrapnel in his head and legs, only a few days after his 20th birthday.  
  • The Wehrpass is in an excellent and complete condition. It comes with two letters to the parents by his "Spiess", informing them about his death.  

331.ID Normandy Wehrpass, KIA Seine 1944

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