• Luftschutz-Dienstbuch to Josef Langner, Wachtmeister of the Luftschutzpolizei in Hamburg. Langner started out with the Freiwillige Feuerwehr from 1934. He collected an impressive amount of deployments during air raids on his home city. Among the list of 23 raids are mostly Allied air attacks on Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg, but also a deployment to Berlin in 1944 and some major fires. On 26th of July 1941, he was wounded by a glas splitter in his eye during an attack. Langner was released in October 1944 as he was transfered to the Polizei-Ausbildungs-Bataillon Brandenburg. This unit was thrown into battle near Brandenburg (Havel) and Berlin during the last weeks of the war.  
  • Dienstbuch in very good and complete condition.  

Luftschutzpolizei Dienstbuch Hamburg

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