• Soldbuch to Schütze WIlhelm Schulz. Issued in on 1st of March 1943 by his Kompaniechef of Afrika-Schützen-Regiment 962, part of the Afrika-Brigade 999. The enlisted personnel of this penal unit consisted mainly of convicted criminals and political prisoners. All were considered "Wehrunwürdig", not worthy to serve in a regular unit. Schulz was a butcher born in Prague (Czech Republic). How he ended up in this penal unit, is unclear. Though the majority of A.S.R.962 was sent to Africa in March 1943, Schulz' third Bataillon remained in Europe, and would form the II. Festungs-Bataillon 999 in June 1943. It was then sent to Greece (Peloponnesos) and later fought in Bosnia as well. Schulz was later part of the Bau-Pionier-Bataillon IV/999 and the Einsatz-Bataillon I/999, penal units mostly occupied in construction work.  
  • Schulz survived the war, but was most likely wounded during the battles on the Rhine front in March 1945. He was admitted to a hospital in Bad Nauheim, north of Frankfurt, on the 31st. Moreover, the Soldbuch has been penetrated by two miniscule pieces of shrapnel going through the entire booklet.  
  • Schulz received not a single award or promotion, though he did rise from Wehrsoldgruppe 16 to 15 after two years of service. Clearly he was not allowed to make a formal promotion in his penal unit. The Soldbuch is a 100% complete and in very good condition. It comes with a postwar document applying for approval of a job with the mayor of Weissenthurm am Rhein.  

Soldbuch Fest.Inf.Btl.999 penal units

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