• Soldbuch to Obergefreiter Reinhard Mumm. Zweitschrift issued in August 1944 while recovering from a shrapnel wound sustained with Grenadier-Regiment 585 of the 320.ID in the Ukraine. Mumm, who earned the KVKII and Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz both in 1944, was considered unfit for further front service and forwarded to Landessch├╝tzen-Bataillon 556, a security unit based in Breslau. This would keep him safe only for a few months, though. His Bataillon got caught up in the fighting for Festung Breslau in 1945. Mumm was reported missing in Breslau-Hoinstein, April 1945, and his body was never found.  
  • His Soldbuch did turn up, though it sustained some water damage - possibly from lying in the field for some time. Nearly all entries are still readable though. The Soldbuch is still complete with all pages and portrait photo.  

Festung Breslau KIA Soldbuch

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