• Soldbuch and Wehrpass grouping to Verwaltungsoberinspektor August Siefarth. A civilian in military administrative service, Siefarth obtained this officer rank equal to Oberleutnant while serving with the WehrmachtfĂĽrsorge- und Versorgungsamt Erfurt. He worked with the Truppenarzt in the Orthopädische Versorgungsstelle. Though he undoubtly worked as the bookkeeper there, he also had some medical qualifcation, as can be seen from the DRK Personalausweis included in the grouping. Siefarth was awarded the Verdienstkreuz and the EKII in World War I.  
  • Soldbuch in excellent and complete condition, with great, large portrait photo. Wehrpass is complete, with some repairs. Also comes with the DRK Personalausweis and an extra portrait photo.  

Verwaltungsoberinspektor Soldbuch & Wehrpass grouping

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