• Soldbuch to Obergefreiter Walter Reichenbach. First issue from August 1939. This Leipzig born architect first served with the Batterie 717 (E). This schwere Eisenbahn battery used the rare 17 cm railway canon, was part of the 6. Armee invading Holland, Belgium and France, and was later active on the Belgian coast. He remained on the Belgian coast with his next unit: the Heeres-Küsten-Batterie 308 located in Stene, near Oostende. This Batterie was located in the "Stützpunkt Kolberg" and received four captured French 10,5 cm guns. His next unit, the Heeres-Küsten-Batterie 324, later renamed into Stellungsbatterie (Küste) 324, was also stationed near Ostend: it operated four captured French 15,5 cm guns in Vlissegem.  
  • In May 1943, Reichenbach joined the newly formed Artillerie-Regiment 264 of the 264.ID in occupied Belgium but, instead of moving to Yugoslavia with his division later that year, he remained in the West. As part of the Festungs-Stamm-Kommando LXXXVIII, he ended up in Hoek van Holland (Holland), and remained there until the end of the war as part of the Atlantikwall fortress of Hoek van Holland.  
  • The Soldbuch is a 100% complete and in very good condition, packed with entries. Notice the many "Beute" equipment entries, like a French revolver, Czech rifle and Polish binoculars. Also notice the hospital entries for Amsterdam (Holland) and Saint-Omer (France). Comes with an extra document from his POW time.  

Railway & Coastal artillery Atlantikwall Soldbuch, Belgium, Festung Hoek van Holland

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