• Soldbuch to Unteroffizier Bruno Stenzel. First issue from September 1944. This 47-year-old war veteran, awarded the EKI, EKII and Frontkämpfer-Ehrenkreuz in World War I, was called up again with the Luftwaffe in Fliegerhorstkompanie Pillau. After four weeks, he moved to a much more interesting unit: the "Verbindungsstaffel 7". This unit was formerly known as the "Kurierstaffel des Führers", and flew missions for Hitler personally. It was equiped with liaison aircraft, but also with day and night fighters. By April 1945 they were based in Neuburg am Donau and flew the famous Messerschmitt Me 262 night fighter. Stenzel ended the war with his Staffel - notice his promotion on April 20th, 1945, signed off with Feldpost number 08047 = Kurierstaffel des Führers.  
  • Soldbuch in excellent and complete condition. Worthy of further research!  

Kurierstaffel des Führers Soldbuch, Me 262 unit

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