• Small KIA grouping to Feldwebel Anton Stephan. After completing his RAD service, Stephan joined Infanterie-Regiment 80 of the 34.ID in Wetzlar, November 1937. He was promoted two Unteroffizier on the Westwall two years later and fought with his unit in the French campaign (Luxemburg, Maginotlinie, Aisne, Reims, Marne). Stephan was awarded an early EKII and the Schutzwall-Ehrenzeichen in 1940. He then moved to Infanterie-Regiment 256 of the 112.ID to fight on the Eastern Front, but was killed in action on 15h of October 1941 following a shot in the belly in the Brjansk area. His promotion to Feldwebel in October 1941 was likely posthumous.  
  • The grouping consists of:
    • First issue Wehrpass in complete and very good condition, with portrait photo in RAD uniform. Notice the training entries for the Austrian MP34 machine pistol and the Gasschutzschule course in Lille (France).  
    • A4 Sized "Heldentod" document signed by his Kompanief├╝hrer.  
    • The original letter by his Kompanief├╝hrer informing the widow of Anton's death.  
    • Prewar letter from the Handwerkskammer Wiesbaden.  

KIA Wehrpass with Heldentod Urkunde 112.ID

  • Product Code: DP023