• Wehrpass to Gefreiter Walter Kroll. First issue from June 1943. As a teenager, Kroll had helped his father in his profession as postal servant, and also earned the Hitlerjugend-Leistungsabzeichen in Silber. He then joined the RAD in the Summer of 1943 before he was drafted into the Sturmgeschütz-Ersatz-und-Ausbildungs-Abteilung 600 in Deutsch Eylau (now Ilawa, Poland). In his five months of StuG training, he was qualified to serve as a Panzerwart (mechanic) and as a Kanonier (gunner). He then joined the 3. Kompanie of the newly formed Sturmgeschütz-Brigade 394 in Deutsch Eylau. Moved to France later that month April 1944, the Brigade was rushed to Normandy to fight with the 84. Armeekorps following D-Day. It saw action in the area of Saint-Lô, then retreated south of Falaise.  
  • In the months following the Invasion, the StuG.Brig.394 would take part in many of the best known battles on the Western Front. In September 1944 they were in Holland, in December 1944 they participated in the Battle of the Bulge with the 6. SS-Panzerarmee. After the retreat from the Ardennes they were reported with the 39. Panzerkorps in the Alsace.  
  • With only very little time for administration, the Wehrpass was not updated properly on the Western Front. The original entry "Sicherung Frankreichs" ends on August 1st, 1944, but the "Invasionsfront" battle entry looks to be added post-war, though of course matching with the unit history. The Gefreiter promotion entry appears to be written in the same hand. All other entries are 100% unquestionable and Kroll did remain with this rare unit, as can be seen from the (original) very late wound entry: he was hit by shrapnel in his right leg on 28th of April, 1945.  

StuG-Brigade 394 Wehrpass - Normandy, Ardennes

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