• Soldbuch to Stabsgefreiter Xaver Laumer. First issue from 1939. Laumer first served for only two days with a Heer Bau-Ersatz-Bataillon and for this reason he was issued a Heer Soldbuch, though he would serve solely with Luftwaffe units for the next five years. In April 1940 he moved from a Fliegerhorst to Flak training, ending up with Reserve-Flak-Abteilung 293 in Frankfurt am Main for the next two years. Moving to schwere Flak-Abteilung 906 in Nürnberg in 1942, early 1944 relocated to Regensburg. Laumer was awarded the Tätigkeitsabzeichen der Flakartillerie in May 1944, and finally transferred to his last unit, schwere Flak-Abteilung 637, in July 1944. This Abteilung protected the area of Rüsselsheim, including the large Opel factory, on the banks of the river Main and just behind the river Rhein. A month after Laumer's arrival, six downed USAAF pilots were lynched by the people of Rüsselsheim in what would become known as the Rüsselsheim Massacre.  
  • The schwere Flak-Abteilung 637 stayed in Rüsselsheim and was eventually caught up in the fighting on the Rhine front late March 1945. Xaver Laumer was killed in action on 25th of March, 1945, and rests today in the Kriegsgräberstatte Rüsselsheim, Reihe 8, Grab 111. Notice the last entry very shortly before his death: an Ausweis assigning him to the Flakgruppe Mainz-Wiesbaden-Rüsselsheim and allowing him passage on the Rhine bridges (10th of March, 1945).  
  • The Soldbuch is in an excellent and complete condition.  

KIA Flak Soldbuch Rhine 1945

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