• Document grouping to Feldwebel Ludwig Fröba, a fighter ace serving with the 4. Staffel of Jagdgeschwader 77. The group consists of the following, in chronological order:  
    • Verpflichtungsschein, November 1937.  
    • Abschussbestätigung after shooting down the Blackburn Skua L3030 marine dive bomber / fighter of Lt. T.E. Gray and Lt. J.C. William Iliffe (both POW) of 801 Squadron RAF in the Hjeltefjord near Bergen, Norway. Original signed by his Staffelkapitän Heinrich Setz, a Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves holder.  
    • Award document for the bulgarisches Flugzeugführerabzeichen, July 1942.  
    • Truppenausweis from the Fliegerhorstkommandatur Gleiwitz, 1943, with portrait photo.  
  • Ludwig Fröba is known for several other aerial victories including a Blenheim and also for a crash landing in Sweden, 24th of October 1940. He was captured by the Swedes, temporarily held but returned to Germany the next month. Small but very researchable grouping - a simple Google search will give you a lot more details!  

JG77 Jagdflieger documents Norway

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