• Soldbuch and Wehrpass grouping to Stabsgefreiter Paul Reinert, who served with some interesting units after joining the Luftwaffe in April 1939. For ten months, he was with the Stabskompanie of the I. Gruppe of Jagdgeschwader 53. After the first days of the invasion in France, he was transfered to the Generalkommando of the II. Flak-Korps. February 1942, he moved to Luftnachrichten-Regiment 32. His Kompanie was active in Italy (1942/43), the West (1944) and then in Serbia and Hungary later in 1944. In November 1944, he made a surprising move to the Heer, following Gebirgsjäger training. From mid February to mid April 1945, he was deployed with the rare Gebirgs-Panzerjäger-Abeilung 44, in the (3.) Fliegerabwehr Kompanie. Interestingly this Abteilung was also equiped with a StuG-Kompanie. It fought in Hungary and Austria during the final phase of the war. Reinert was released to his home in Dortmund on April 10th, 1945. He was awarded the KVK II mit Schwertern in July 1944.  
  • Both Soldbuch and Wehrpass are in an excellent and complete condition. The Soldbuch is a Zweitschrift issued when he moved from the Luftwaffe to the Heer in December 1944. The Wehrpass is his original Luftwaffe issue from June 1937.  Also added is his POW discharge document.  

Soldbuch & Wehrpass JG53, Gebirgs-Panzerjäger

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