• Wehrpass to DKiG winner Oberleutnant Adalbert Diegmann. First issue from April 1940. Diegmann voluntarily joined the Luftwaffe in November 1940, was extensively trained as a pilot and finally posted to the IV. Gruppe of Kampfgeschwader 51 "Edelweiss" in February 1943. He would fly mostly with the II. Gruppe of KG53 on the Eastern front that year. Noteworthy are 10 flights against Russian partisans, and a short move to Greece in the autumn of 1943, where he came in action against the British forces during the battle for the Dodekanes islands and Malta. In February 1944, he moved to Kampfgeschwader 4 "General Wever", first on the Eastern front, then retreated to the Reich and Holland. Here, his unit would be deployed in flying some of the first V1 missiles to Great Britain. These flights are recorded as "Sondereinsätze gegen England" in the Wehrpass. In October 1944, he made his final move to he I. Gruppe of Kampfgeschwader 53 "Legion Condor". This unit as well was active in flying bombers with V1 missiles under the wing.  
  • Throughout his career, Diegmann collected 227 Feindflüge and made it out alive. He obtained a doctoral degree, started a family and passed away in Bad Tölz in 2007. His list of 11 awards is impressive: the Hitlerjugend-Leistungsabzeichen and the Reichsjugendsportabzeichen before the war, the Flugzeugführerabzeichen when completing his first flight classes in October 1941, the EKII, EKI and three grades (bronze, silber, gold) of the Frontflugspange für Kampfflieger in 1943, followed by his most important awards: the Ehrenpokal in October 1943, the Deutsches Kreuz in Gold in March 1944, and finally the Anhänger mit Einsatzzahl "200" zur goldenen Frontflugspange in September 1944.  
  • The Wehrpass is in a very good and complete condition. Only the front cover was punched. Notice the awards list was pasted on top of the handwritten awards to create some extra room when the awards page was entirely filled. The hand written entries can still be read under the sheet. Rare and desirable piece to a high awarded pilot flying missions over England until the closing stage of the war!  

DKiG Wehrpass V1 bomber pilot

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