Award document grouping to Obergefreiter Anton Kagerhuber, a Fallschirmjäger fighting in the Nijmegen area in Holland, 1944. It consists of four pieces:  

  • Deutsche Schutzwall-Ehrenzeichen award document, facsimile signed by Staatsminister Otto Meissner. Awarded for his RAD service on the Westwall in 1940.  
  • EK2 Award document, issued by Oberstleutnant Harry Herrmann of the 6. Fallschirmjäger-Division. Kagerhuber earned the award while fighting the Allies with Fallschirm-Aufklärungs-Abteilung 12, part of Kampfgruppe Herrmann in the Nijmegen area. 
  • Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz award document, issued by the Reservelazarett Salzwedel for a wound sustained on 27th of September 1944. Kagerhuber's unit is given as Fallschirm-Flak-Regiment 11, but this is undoubtly a mistake: this unit fought in Italy at that time, but: members of the "normal" Luftwaffe Flak-Regiment 11 were absorbed into Kampfgruppe Herrmann in 1944. At the time of his wound, Kampfgruppe Herrmann was fighting in the Dutch-German border area between Erlecom and Groesbeek, east of Nijmegen.  
  • POW Discharge document. 

Very interesting FJ grouping to the fighting in Holland, 1944. Anton Kagerhuber survived the war and died in Neuhausen near München, 1997.  

Fallschirmjäger grouping Kampfgruppe Herrmann Holland 1944

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