• Wehrpass to Karl Musek, a WWI veteran, later Leutnant and WWII Justizinspektor. Musek lived in Oehls, nowadays Olesnica, Poland. he served in WWI with the (Oberschlesisches) Infanterie-Regiment 22, and earned a lot of decorations: by October 1914 he had been awarded both EKII and EKI. The Verwundeten-Abzeichen, the Meiningen Ehrenmedaille, the Frontkämpfer Ehrenkreuz and the Dienstauszeichnung I. Klasse followed later. He finished the war as a Feldwebel and replacing officer, but was promoted to Leutnant in 1921. 
  • During the Interbellum, he worked as a Justizinspektor, and was called up in that function by the Wehrmacht in 1939. After some time with Oberbaustab 10 in occupied Poland, he was released from the Gericht der 158. Division in April 1940 and returned to civilian life. A document in the back of the Wehrpass confirms that Musek fled the advancing Russians early 1945. From his house in Oehls (Olesnica), he fled westwards to Bunzlau, now Bolesławiec, Poland.  
  • The Wehrpass is a 100% complete and in very good condition. It has a great portrait photo of Musek wearing the awards on his WWI uniform. 

Wehrpass Heeresjustizinspektor officer, Poland

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