• Soldbuch to Stabsgefreiter Anton Binder, who served the entire war in one and the same front unit: the 7. Kompanie of Gebirgsjäger-Regiment 100. The Soldbuch is his original issue from August 1939. He was a veteran of the French campaign and possibly also of the landing on Crete. His II. Batalilon was flown in to the Malemes airport by Junkers Ju 52 airplanes. He was not awarded the Kreta Ärmelband, but there are no entries either confirming or disproving for 100% he was on Crete... he may have served in a support role on the main land or may have flown in after the main assault.  
  • Binder did earn his stripes on the Italian front, where the GJR.100 was deployed from November 1943. It fought on the Reinhard Line on the Rapido river, then from mid January 1944 on the Gustav Line. It participated in the Monte Cassino battles and then retreated north, surrendering to the Americans in the area of Turino. Binder was awarded the KVKII in January 1944, and then following a wound in September 1944 the EKII and the Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz. Moreover, he was granted a "Sonderurlaub für besonderne Verdienste", a home leave awarded for special merits, granted in December 1944 by his regimental commander, DKiG winning Major Johann Zwickenpflug. This rare entry can be found on page 24. Also notice his last two leaves went to Berchtesgaden, of course famous for the Eagle's Nest.  
  • The Soldbuch has clear signs of six years of use, but is still a 100% complete with all pages and a great portrait in a style for the Southern front.  

Gebirgsjäger GJR.100 Soldbuch Italy 1944

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