• Soldbuch to Leutnant Rudolf Fischer. Issued in March 1942, and although it is not marked as a "Zweitschrift", Fischer had been serving with the Luftwaffe for some time - his starting rank in the Soldbuch is Unteroffizier. He was an active Bordfunker who started flying Junkers Ju 90 transport planes with the Luftverkehrsstaffel Berlin Tempelhof. His unit was commanded by Hauptmann Heinz Braun, and composed of a mix of experienced military and Lufthansa pilots flying Ju 90, Ju 290, Fw 200 and Ju 252. They were sent on a number of high secret missions, for example testing different air routes from Germany to Japan. Late 1942, the two Ju 290 and four Ju 90 of this unit were sent to fly in the Stalingrad relieve operations. It is very likely that Fischer was on board of one of these planes active over Stalingrad. Notice the contemporary name change to "Sonderstaffel Ju 90" in this time frame.  
  • March 1943, the unit now renamed into Lufttransporstaffel 290 was transfered to the Italian front, starting in the Grosseto air base in Tuscany. It flew aerial reconnaissance and supply missions to the collapsing DAK in North Africa. After the surrender of the Afrikakorps, the Staffel was retreated to Bayern and in December 1943 reformed into Transportstaffel 5. From May 1944, Fischer was likely solely used in training and staff functions, ending the war with the Stab of the 8. Jagddivision, active in protecting the Reich with day and night fighters. He survived the war.  
  • Over time, Fischer collected seven awards: the KVKII, the Bordfunker-Abzeichen, three grades of the Frontflugspange für Transportflieger, the EKII and the EKI. Notice the dates of the iron crosses have been switched, undoubtly a simple error but the entries are 100% original.  
  • Soldbuch in very good and complete condition. Notice the nice portrait photo with the Frontflugspange in wear, as well as lots of typical air crew equipment entries.  

Transport pilot Soldbuch, Stalingrad, Africa

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