• Extensive grouping to Leutnant Karl Manger. After training as a Bordfunker, Manger was sent to the 6. Staffel of Kampfgeschwader 3 on the Eastern Front. He made a very quick career with over 50 enemy flights and many awards during the course of less than six months on the Eastern Front. He mainly operated from air bases in Kirowograd, Orscha and Poltawa. After an early Schutzwall-Ehrenzeichen and his Fliegersch├╝tzenabzeichen, Manger was awarded the Frontflugspange in Bronze, Frontflugspange in Silber, the EKII and the EKI, all in 1943. He was promoted to Leutnant but was wounded during a crash of his Heinkel He 111 during a vacation flight to France. According to his pocket diary, the He 111 was shot down by Mustangs in the area of Beauvais, half way between Amiens and Paris, on 24th of October 1943. Manger survived the crash, was taken to hospital in Beauvais and never made it to the front again. The Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz for his crash in France would be his seventh and final awards. He served in a Luftnachrichten school and ended the war with Luftnachrichten-Verbindungs-Kompanie 23.  
  • The grouping contains of the following:
    • Soldbuch, first issue from March 1940. Very nice portrait photo showing part of his awards including the EKI. Nice entries include the specific pilot equipment, a Luger P.08 pistol, etc. The Soldbuch has some loose pages but is a 100% complete.  
    • Soldbuch, brown Luftwaffe version as issued to RAD personnel working with the Luftwaffe early in the war. Perfect condition, minimal entries.  
    • EK2 Award document, hand signed by Generalmajor Hans Seidemann, Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves winner. Excellent condition.   
    • EK1 Award document, hand signed by Generaloberst Robert Ritter von Greim, Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords winner.  Excellent condition.  
    • Luftwaffen-Bordfunkerschein, August 1941.  
    • Seven nice private photos, showing Manger and comrades wearing many awards, also including the Kreta cufftitle.  
    • Pocket diary from 1943, with many entries adding a lot to the history of this grouping; entries of his Feindfl├╝ge, of his awards, details of his crash, etc.  
    • POW Discharge document, Reisepass, 1946 Personenausweis and about twenty more documents including medical details, travel permits, POW papers etc etc.  

KG3 pilot Soldbuch grouping, WIA France 1943

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