• Soldbuch to Kriegsverwaltungs-Inspektor Franz Michel. First issue from September 1939. After serving as a pioneer with Pionier-Park-Kompanie 1/571 and Pionier-Bataillon 745, active as Heerestruppe on the Eastern Front, he was appointed Kriegsverwaltungs-Inspektor in August 1941. In this officer rank of employee working for the Wehrmacht, he was sent to Italy, in a function with the Standortverwaltung Neapel (Napoli). Notice Michel was hospitalised on several occasions in Rome and, mostly, Neapel. After working in Napoli in 1941-'42, he was sent back to the Heimat with various reserve units.  
  • Soldbuch in very good and complete condition. A portrait photo was never inserted.  

Soldbuch Kriegsverwaltungsinspektor Italy

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