• Soldbuch to Obergefreiter Rolf Michaelis. First issue from August 1939. For five long years, Michaelis served with Luftnachrichten units in the East and in the West. He was awarded the Ostmedaille in 1942. In January 1944, he joined the Brigadestab of the Luftflotte 3, a command unit with offices in Paris, France. On 22nd of July 1944, after the Normandy invasion, he was transferred to the 3. Kompanie of Luftnachrichten-Regiment 110, but likely remained in Paris. Another month later, he was caught up by the Allied advance on France's capital.  
  • Rolf Michaelis was killed in action in Paris on 25th of August, 1944, the actual day of surrender of the city. As the German garrison of Paris had already surrendered at 3.30 pm that night, he must have been the victim of one of the last skirmishes, or perhaps he was killed during or after his surrender. Michaelis is now buried in Champigny Saint-AndrĂ©, under the unknown.  
  • The Soldbuch is in a very good condition, complete and with a lot of entries including various equipment. It comes with a Dauer-Ausweis for the Paris district of Saint-Amand, issued only 10 days before his death, and the matching half aluminium Erkennungsmarke, taken from his body.  

Paris 1944 KIA Soldbuch with half dogtag

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