• Soldbuch to Wachtmeister Walter Rösch. First issue from August 1939. Rösch was active military personnel when the war broke out and after serving for a long time with Flieger-Ausbildungs-Regiment 24, he joined the 6. Staffel of Kampfgeschwader 51 in October 1941. Rösch would stay with this Staffel as ground personnel for more than three years, and followed the route of KG51 on the Eastern Front, including air bases in Stalino, Brjansk, Bobruisk, Shitomir, Winniza. The II. Gruppe was also involved in the battle of Kursk, summer 1943, and autumn 1943 in the disarming of the Italian forces, operating from Saloniki in Greece.  
  • In February 1944 the II./KG51 was used to reform the III. Gruppe of Kampfgeschwader 3, and Rösch followed this move to KG3. He moved with the staff of III./KG3 from the Heimat to Venlo in Holland, June 1944. When after two months the Normandy front collapsed and the Allies were nearing the Belgian and Dutch borders, Rösch was detached to a regular Flak unit. He joined the 3. Batterie of leichte Flak-Abteilung 10080, active in the area of Herentals, Belgium in September 1944. He then made his final move to the 2. Batterie of Flak-Regiment 42, fighting for several more months on the Western Front.  
  • Rösch earned five awards throughout his career: the commemorative medals for the Austrian and Czech annexations, the Ostmedaille, the KVKII mit Schwertern and the Kraftfahrbewährungsabzeichen in Bronze. The Soldbuch is missing page 11-12 and has a few censored entries. It has a nice portrait photo showing four of his awards and comes with an extra private photo of Rösch (second from right) with a few comrades in front of a Junkers Ju 52.    

KG51 and KG3 (Holland) Soldbuch

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