• Soldbuch to Unterwachtmeister Peter Schneider. First issue from October 1943. Schneider served with the 3. Kompanie of SS-Polizei-Gebirgsjäger-Regiment 18, a famous unit as it was the only Polizei Gebirgsjäger regiment. Specially trained for mountain duties, it saw heavy action against partisans in Finland and on the Balkan. As can be seen on page 8, Schneider fought against Greek partisans in the Parnassos and Elikon mountains in 1943-'44, before beginning the retreat north through Yugoslavia. The retreat was dangerous, an entire Bataillon was virtually whiped out in an ambush, but most of Schneider's I. Bataillon made it to Belgrade, where it fought against the Yugoslavian partisans trying to liberate the Serbian capital. Peter Schneider was killed in action in Belgrad on 12th of October 1944. His Kompanieführer wrote a KIA entry on page 34 many months later. Schneider is listed by the Volksbund, but his body was never found.  
  • Soldbuch in very good and complete condition. Very nice and rare photo in tropical uniform.  

SS Polizei Gebirgsjäger KIA Soldbuch Yugoslavia 1944

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