• Soldbuch to Obergefreiter Peter Knipp. First issue from June 1940. After 1.5 months of basic military training, the 36 year old baker was released from the Wehrmacht to serve with the Zollgrenzschutz. He was called up again around April 1941 and served with Landesschützen-Bataillon 762 in occupied France. This Bataillon was for a longer time active in the Paris area, and an extra document locates the unit in La Varenne. In September 1944, Knipp was awarded the KVKII. Around that time, the Landesschützen-Bataillon 762 retreated from France to the Heimat. It ended the war in the Oberhessen region.  
  • Soldbuch in very good and complete condition. It comes with his Entlassungsbefehl from 1940, and a permit for a train travel from La Varenne to Gien in 1943.  

Landesschützen Soldbuch, France

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