• Wehrpass to Obergefreiter Alfred Neumann. First issue from May 1936. Neumann was called up again during the August 1939 mobilisation, just a few months after he had performed his three months of conscription. In October 1939 he ended up with the 7. Kompanie of Infanterie-Regiment 78, part of the 26. Infanterie-Division. During the French campaign in 1940, he followed his unit through the Luxemburg and Belgian Ardennes, up to France where the regiment was tasked with crossing the Ardennes canal near the town of Voncq, east of Rethel, on 9th of June 1940. The attack would become a disaster. The Inf.Rgt.78 alone had over 500 killed and wounded that single day, before retreating through their starting position. Alfred Neumann was among the victims; he was not only wounded by a bullet, he was also captured by the French - a rarity during the days of the Blitzkrieg in the West. He was liberated from captivity soon after the French surrender, earned the Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz and released from the Wehrmacht following his wound.  
  • Following a new medical examination, Neumann was found fit for service again in May 1941. He was sent to the Eastern Front, earned the Ostmedaille and eventually ended up with Divisions-Bataillon 267 in February 1943. Soon after joining the 267.ID, he was killed in action on 21st of March 1943 in near Spass-Demensk.  
  • The Wehrpass is in a very good and complete condition. It comes with his wartime Sterbeurkunde (death certificate), a newspaper clipping with a thank you for condoleances, and the hand written letter from his Spiess to his widow Martha, informing her about his death.  

267.ID KIA Wehrpass, France 1940 POW 26.ID

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