• Wehrpass to Gefreiter Georg Müller from Neckarwestheim. First issue, November 1936. Müller fought with Infanterie-Regiment 460 of the 260. Infanterie-Division in the French campaign. After some occupation time in France and Yugoslavia with Inf.Rgt.420 of the 125. Infanterie-Division, he entered fighting on the Eastern Front with the 125.ID, and then moved to Schützen-Regiment 11 of the 9. Panzer-Division early August 1941. After just a few weeks of combat with his new motorised unit, Georg Müller was KIA near Saoproshe (Ukraine) on 18th of August 1941.  
  • Wehrpass in very good and complete condition. It comes with 11 private photos in which Müller (with glasses) can be easily recognised.  

9.Pz.Div. KIA Wehrpass

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