• Wehrpass to Oberleutnant Herbert Wolf. First issue from November 1936. Wolf’s units list starts in 1930, with a Dienstauszeichnung IV. Klasse awarded in 1936. He served in a number of interesting units including Jagdgeschwader 134 and Jagdgeschwader 26 at the start of the war. Through a number of air base command units including Wevelgem and Ostende in Belgium, he was sent to the East in January 1942. He ended up with Luftwaffen-Feld-Regiment 5, part of the Luftwaffen-Division Meindl. This was the earliest predecessor of the later Luftwaffen-Felddivisionen. Herbert Wolf was KIA on 22nd of March 1942 in Ssopki, 10 miles west of Cholm, during the fighting for the deliverance of the Cholm pocket.  
  • Wehrpass in very good and complete condition, including a nice uniform portrait.  

Cholm KIA Officer Wehrpass, JG26, LWFD Meindl

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