• Extensive Wehrpass and (award) document grouping to Stabsfeldwebel Johannes Grebenstein from Wittenberg. He served as a senior NCO in the Polizei from 1928 to 1935, in the prewar Heer with Inf.Rgt.12, then more than six years with the Wehrmeldeamt Wittenberg and lastly in the Ukraine with the 6.Pz.Div. and a few transport units. He earned the Dienstauszeichnung, DRL Sportabzeichen in Silber, the KVKII and the KVKI.
  • The  Wehrpass in excellent condition, with very nice uniform portrait photo. 
  • Three award documents are included: the Dienstauszeichnung IV. Klasse with original signature of Generalmajor Albrecht Schubert (Knight's Cross winner!), the silver DRL sport badge booklet with missing portrait and accompanying letter, and the award confirmation for the KVKII.
  • Also included are his promotion documents to Polizei-Oberwachtmeister (1934) and to Feldwebel (1936).
  • Added to that are two files with dozens of extra documents. Included are his POW discharge form, many certificates about his service and training with the Polizei, and his involvement in the Wehrmachtmeisterschaften in Düsseldorf 1938 - a national sports event for WH members. Far too much to show everything here!  

Wehrpass and (award) documents Stabsfeldwebel, Polizei, Sports

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