• Soldbuch to Oberfeldwebel Helmut Warnecke. Zweitschrift issue from July 1944. Warnecke was a long time serving veteran of Infanterie-Regiment 59, based in his home town Hildesheim. During the French campaign, his regiment fought as part of the 19. Infanterie-Division in Belgium, and suffered heavy losses at the Schelde river, fighting against the British. Warnecke was awarded both the EKII and the Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen in June 1940. After suffering from dysentery and some other medical issues, Warnecke was given a position in the training and reserve units of the 19. Panzer-Division (created from the 19.ID late 1940).  
  • Soldbuch in very good and complete condition. It comes with three extra portrait photos showing his two early awards, and two extra documents.  

19.ID Soldbuch Belgium 1940

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