• Soldbuch to Hauptmann Wolfgang Braun. First issue from 1939. Braun was an architect in daily life and would put this experience into use in military pioneer units. His Soldbuch was opened by Pionier-Bataillon 59 of the 3. leichte Division, which saw action in Poland, September 1939. This division would be reformed into the 8. Panzer-Division just before the start of the French campaign, but by then Oberleutnant Braun had been transferred to Br├╝ckenkolonne B 2/411. This bridge building pioneer unit was part of the IX. Armeekorps, which invaded Holland in May 1940, then fought in Belgian Flanders and France.  
  • Braun went on to serve as a Hauptmann with Festungs-Pionier-Abschnitt III/5 on the Eastern Front, and was awarded an undated EK2 Spange and the Ostmedaille. He ended the war in Pionier-Sonderstab 106 located in the Festungspionierschule Berlin-Karlshorst. The officer casino of this school, which Hptm. Braun would have frequented often, was the exact location where Keitel signed the German general surrender in May 1945.  
  • The Soldbuch has some loose pages but is a 100% complete. Great portrait photo showing the EK2 Spange and a WWI ribbon bar in wear.  

Hauptmann Soldbuch, Holland 1940, Berlin 1945

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