Document grouping to Gefreiter Siegfried Lüdtke, who served as a Bordschütze on board of Junker Ju 52 airplanes of the Transportgeschwader 5 and 2. He was deployed on the Mediterranean and Eastern fronts, 1943-'44. Lüdtke survived the war and became a police man. The group consists of the following documents:  

  • Luftwaffen-Bordschützenschein, issued by the Bordschützenschule in Buch / Rügen, July 1943.  
  • Truppenausweis, issued August 1943, with some tropical equipment issues on the backside.  
  • Frontflugspange für Transportflieger in Bronze award document, hand signed by Oberstleutnant Gustav Damm, Kommodore T.G.5, DKiG winner.  
  • Fliegerschützen ohne Blitzbündel award document, facsimile signed by Generaloberst Bruno Loerzer, Knight's Cross winner.  
  • Frontflugspange für Transportflieger in Silber award document, hand signed by Oberstleutnant Walter Erdmann, Kommodore T.G.2, DKiG winner.  
  • Romanian Crusade against Communism with Krimspange award document, hand signed by his Staffelkapitän.  
  • Personalausweis and Arbeitspass from the Allied occupation time.  

The condition of the documents is very good. The award documents have been folded once, not punched.  

Transportflieger award doc grouping

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