• Wehrpass to Gefreiter Siegfried Borsdorf. First issue from May 1936. Borsdorf, a wood worker from Uebingen, had a history in the Hitlerjugend and the RAD, and was also a DAF member - as can be seen by the DAF pin in the nice large portrait photo. He was assigned to the 6. (Kradschützen) Kompanie of Schützen-Regiment 3 in Eberswalde, part of the 3. Panzer-Division in October 1938. He earned the Sudeten-Erinnerungsmedaille that same month, survived the Polish campaign in 1939 and was promoted to Gefreiter. In May 1940, he fought as a Kradmelder in the French campaign, advanced through Luxemburg and Belgium, but was then badly wounded on June 15th, 1940 by shrapnel in the head and stomach in Saint-Florentin, in the Bourgogne region in France. He was evacuated to a Hauptverbandplatz, but the day after his death was diagnosed by the medics of Sanitäts-Kompanie 83 in the little village of Marcilly le Bayer. He is now buried in Solers, Block 2, Reihe 1, Grab 32.  
  • The Wehrpass is a 100% complete and in very good condition. It comes with the award document of the Czech annexation awards, as well as an interesting speech of 5 pages by the 3.Pz.Div.'s priest, commemorating the fallen of the French campaign.  

France 1940 KIA Wehrpass 3.Pz.Div.

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