• Personalausweis issued in Twente, Holland, April 1942, to Luftnachrichtenhelferin Margot Diersch. The by then 26 year old employee, daugther of an engineer from Bielefeldn worked for the Luftnachrichtenstelle in the Twente regio in east Holland. She was promoted to Oberhelferin in September 1942, and to Haupthelferin in April 1944. She moved to work at the airport of Schiphol (Amsterdam) in April 1942, and to the airport of Deelen in November 1943.  
  • The Personalausweis has a loose cover but is complete with 16 pages and a lot of interesting entries. These also include two pages of leaves, two courses (includes a training in Bagnoles, France), and equipment. The uniform portrait photo on the outside cover is fantastic.  

Personalausweis Holland Luftnachrichtenhelferin

  • Product Code: DS011