• Wehrpass to SS-Sturmmann Wilhelm Heuer. First issue from September 1940. Heuer volunteered for the SS on his 18th birthday in 1940 and was soon admitted into the SS-Totenkopf-Kavallerie-Regiment 1. He stayed with this regiment in the Krakau area in Poland, mostly fighting against the Polish resistance under command of the notorious Hermann Fegelein. In 1941, all of the SS cavallery was relocated into one SS-Kavallerie-Brigade, still under Fegelein's command, with Heuer now part of the 3. Schwadron of SS-Kavallerie-Regiment 2, relocated to Tarnow.  
  • During the first months of the Barbarossa campaign, the SS-Kavallerie-Brigade committed a large number of war crimes against Russian civilians, Jews, prisoners and (alleged) partisans. It unleashed terror in the rear but saw no action on the front lines, until it was thrown into battle during a Russian counteroffensive on January 7th, 1942. This day would be a complete disaster for the brigade; entire Schwadrons were virtually whiped out by the Russian armour. It was immediately retreated from the front that day and left behind many hundreds of men, including Wilhelm Heuer. He was killed in the village Szolomino; his body was not retrieved.  
  • Wehrpass has some ink stains on the cover, but is a 100% complete and in very good condition. It comes with Heuer's SS Annahmeschein, his F├╝hrerschein and his Kennkarte, all from 1940.  

SS Totenkopf Kavallerie KIA Wehrpass

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