• Estonian civilians with some of the blindfolded victims of the "Kuressaare massacre". In September 1941, the Soviets murdered 90 civilians in the "Arensburg" (Kuressaare) castle shortly before their evacuation and the invasion of the Saaremaa island by German troops. During the first days of the German occupation, many victims were retrieved from mass graves and - in this example - from the castle well.  
  • The photo was taken by a German soldier of the 2. Kompanie of Nachrichten-Abteilung 161, part of the 61. Infanterie-Division who invaded the Estonian islands.  
  • 7x10 cm Agfa Brovira private photo, captioned "Arensburg (Oesel). Die furchtbar zugerichteten Leichen, die kurz vorher aus dem Brunnen gezogen worden waren."  

Kuressaare (Estonia) massacre victims

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