• Soldbuch to Wetterdienstinspektor Alois Simon. First issue from September 1939. Already before the outbreak of the war, Simon was working as a radio man (Funker) for the "Reichswetterdienst" (RWD), the Third Reich weather institute. He was given the technical officer grade of Inspektor in the Luftwaffe, and assigned to various weather units and airports during the war. In 1939-'40, he served at the air base of Wiesbaden, then in December 1940 he was sent to the air base of Le Bourget, near Paris, France. There, he would serve for many years, until the Allied invasion would have him evacuated from France in July 1944. Later that year, he was assigned to the Wetterdienstschule, then the Wetternachrichten-Ɯberwachung as part of the Oberkommando der Luftwaffe (OKL), then to the meteorological observatory in Potsdam, near Berlin, from November 1944. He would serve here until the Russians closed in on Berlin, then ended the war with the Wetterdienstschule again.  
  • A payment stamp of Dutch guldens on page 20 by the Ortskommandatur Hilversum suggests that he was detached to Holland for some time while serving with the Wetterbezirkszentrale Le Bourget. The safest guess would be an assignment to the KNMI, the Dutch meteorological institute in De Bilt, located only 10 miles from Hilversum. Further interesting entries include a private watch, signatures by high RWD officers, and a last leave after his home was bombed in Wiesbaden.  
  • Soldbuch in very good and complete condition, with a nice portrait photo in the Luftwaffe Beamter officer uniform.  

Reichswetterdienst officer Soldbuch - France, Holland, Berlin

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