• Wehrpass to Obergefreiter Horst Heinecke. First issue from January 1939. Heinecke saw his first action with Bau-Bataillon 113 in Poland, September 1939. After occupation time in Poland and France, he joined Infanterie-Regiment 60 (mot.) of the motorised 16. Infanterie-Division, fighting in Yugoslavia, Spring 1941, and then on the Eastern Front from June 1941. In January 1942, he was hospitalised with freezing wounds, sustained during the notorious "Winterschlacht" near Kursk. He returned to his old regiment only by June 1943, but soon found himself in the heat of the action. His division was reformed into the 16. Panzergrenadier-Division that same Summer. Heinecke's career on the Eastern Front was ended half a year later by a shrapnel wound, but by that time he had been awarded the Ostmedaille, EKII, Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen and Nahkampfspange in Bronze. The great additional list of close combat and assault days shows that the majority of his Nahkampftage was earned between July and October 1943.   
  • By September 1944, Heinecke was deemed fit enough to be sent to a new active unit: Panzergrenadier-Regiment 2111 of the Panzer-Brigade 111, fighting in the area of Luneville, France. After heavy fighting against the Americans and the dissolution of the Pz.Brig.111 early October 1944, he ended up with Panzergrenadier-Regiment 125 of the infamous 21. Panzer-Division. After the retreat from Normandy, the 21.PD found itself fighting in the Lorraine and Saar border area between France and Germany. During these fights, Heinecke was badly wounded by shrapnel on the 27th of November, 1944, in the Saar village of Tettingen, a few kilometers from the German-French-Luxemburg border. He died the same day and is now buried in nearby Kastel, south of Saarburg.  
  • Wehrpass in very good and complete condition. It comes with a 1943 Führerprüfung, the list of 5 Sturmtage and 13 Nahkampftage, and the KIA letter of his Kompanieführer sent to the parents.   

21.Pz.Div. KIA Wehrpass Saar 1944, Nahkampfspange

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