• Wehrpass to Oberfeldwebel Günter Schwass. First issue from February 1938. Originally serving as ground crew radio personnel in units like the Fliegerhorstkommandatur Greifswald and the Luftnachrichten-Regiment "Legion Condor" 3, Schwass was issued a "Fliegerhaube" for flying personnel by the Flugsicherungshauptstelle Riga in October 1942. A few months later, he joined the staff of the newly formed Störkampfgruppe Luftflotte 1 in Soltsy, Russia. He must have served as a Bordfunker with that unit, earning the Frontflugspange für Kampfflieger in Bronze and the EKII in August 1943. These two awards were added to his earlier Peilfunkerabzeichen and KVKII. 
  • In October 1943, the Gruppe was reformed into Nachtschlachtgruppe 1 in Idriza, Russia. It moved to the Heimat in 1944 and flew a number of different aircraft, including the Junkers Ju 87 "Stuka". Apart from a two month deployment with the General der Schlachtflieger, Schwas stayed with this Gruppe until the end of the war.  
  • The cover is loose, but the Wehrpass is a 100% complete with all pages.  

Wehrpass Nachtschlachtgruppe 1 Bordfunker

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