• Soldbuch to Obergefreiter Hubert Göser. First issue from October 1941. Göser's first active unit was Infanterie-Regiment 541 of the newly erected 287. Infanterie-Division in 1942. He saw action near Kursk and was wounded July 1942 by shrapnel in his feet near Woronesh. He spent over a year in hospital, and almost another year with reserve units. A week after the Allied landing in Normandy, he was forwarded to Grenadier-Regiment 1049 of the 77. Infanterie-Division on the invasion front. Equiped with a camouflage "Tarnnetz" and orthopaedic shoes to lighten his earlier wound, the 22-year-old would likely join the remainder of the 77.ID after about half of the division had broken through the encirclement on the Cherbourg peninsula. The division retreated westward and would eventually be destroyed in the Festung Saint-Malo, mid August 1944.  
  • Without any doubt, Göser was captured by the Americans that Summer of 1944 in Normandy. There are no further dated entries in the Soldbuch after leaving his Genesungs-Kompanie on June 13 - only the undated arrival at GR.1049. Notice his low POW number 31G-807.460 on his discharge document, also proof of a capture in 1944. Göser was released by the Americans in December 1946, still having difficulties to stand and walk after his 1942 wound.  
  • The Soldbuch has the pages loose but is a 100% complete with all pages and a portrait photo. It comes with two shooting exercise lists pasted in the Soldbuch, an evacuation document following his 1942 wound, his POW discharge document and two postwar portrait photos.  

Normandy POW Soldbuch 77.ID

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