• Heldentod document 265.ID Normandy
  • Heldentod document to Otto Hacker from Wismar, who was killed in action as a Gefreiter in the staff of Grenadier-Regiment 896, part of the 265. Infanterie-Division, on 6th of July 1944 in Pierrepont, a few miles west of Falaise in Normandy. He is nowadays buried in the German cemetery in Marigny.  
  • Gefreiter Hacker was part of the "Kampgruppe Coep" of the 265.ID that was sent to the Invasion front, while the bulk of the division remained at the Atlantic coast in Bretagne. The staff of Gren.Rgt.896 was indeed part of this Kampfgruppe, fighting in the Saint-Lo area.  
  • A4 sized and unfolded document in excellent condition, with handwritten signature of DKiG winning Generalleutnant Rudolf Busich made in Rudolstadt, Thüringen, January 1945.  
  • The so called "Heldentod Urkunden" are particularly hard to find for Western Front casualties!  

Heldentod document 265.ID Normandy

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