• Wehrpass to Obergefreiter Friedrich Nussel. First issue from May 1936. Nussel was called up to serve with the Artillerie in December 1940. After a short two month training, he joined Artillerie-Regiment (mot.) 27, part of the 17. Panzer-Division soon fighting on the central sector of the Eastern Front (Kiew, Brjansk, Orel, ...), until he left the front with an illness in January 1942.  
  • Nussel made it back to the East late 1942 with schwere Artillerie-Abteilung 844. This independant motorised 15 cm unit fought in the Caucasian Mountains and on the Kuban bridgehead. Malaria took him away from the front for a while, but Nussel returned to his schw.Art.Abt.844 in the Ukraine and followed its retreat in Autumn 1944, going through Romania to Hungary. His Abteilung was now incorporated in the Heeres-Artillerie-Brigade 959, and surrendered in Austria, May 1945. Nussel was awarded the Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz and the Ostmedaille.  
  • Wehrpass in excellent and complete condition. Notice the particularly long and uncommon late-war battle list, going from Romania to the fighting near Budapest and the last fights in the Wienerwald and near Sankt-Pölten and Krems. Also included is an extra document about his service in 1943-'44.  

Wehrpass schwere Artillerie 17.Pz.Div. and Endkampf

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