• Soldbuch to Unteroffizier Albert Kleinbach. First issue from November 1940, when Kleinbach joined a vehicle unit in Bad Cannstadt. From 1941, he served as "Aufsichtspersonal" (guard duties) in the Wehrmachtgefängnis Bruchsal. Here, he received his promotion to Unteroffizier in August 1942. Later that year, he moved from this prison to another penal unit: the Feldstrafgefangenen-Abteilung 6. He was issued several pistols: a P.08 Luger in 1943, and a Belgian 7.65 mm in 1944. A last security stamp on page 15 confirms he was still part of the "Stammpersonal" (guards) of the Feldstrafgefangenen-Abteilung 6 by September 1944.  
  • Little after this stamp, however, Uffizier Albert Kleinbach was killed on 21st of November 1944 in Walscheid, in the Moselle department south of Sarrebourg. Apparently the penal unit was sent to the invasion front and came into contact with the American forces liberating the area. Kleinbach is now buried in Niederbronn-les-Bains.  
  • The Solbuch is in a very good and complete condition. A protrait photo was never inserted, due to his death in 1944. Also added is a Wehrmacht-FĂĽhrerschein issued in 1941, also with mentioning of the Fp.Nr. of Feldstrafgef.Abteilung 6, with removed portrait photo and some water damage.  
  • Very interesting penal units Soldbuch, with a surprising end on the Western Front and more research potential!  

Prison guard Soldbuch, France 1944 KIA

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