• Wehrpass to Leutnant Christian Gellinek. First issue from May 1940. Gellniek was a doctor-engineer in architecture and after volunteering for the Wehrmacht, he ended up in the artillery branch. He served for more than three years with Artillerie-Regiment 150 of the 50. Infanterie-Division. After some occupation time in Poland and the Balkan campaign, this division had a long history fighting in the Krim area. The battle list on page 32-33 mentions the taking of Festung Sewastopol and the Kuban bridgehead among others. Gellinek saw a lot of front line actions as forwarded Beobachter and was promoted to Leutnant in October 1942.  
  • During these years, he earned the EKII, the Ostmedaille, the Allgemeines Sturmabzeichen, the Verwundetenabzeichen, the Krimschild and the Kreuzzug gegen dem Kommunismus mit Krimspange awards in 1942. The EKI followed as his seventh and final award in 1943. Gellniek was wounded twice by shrapnel on the Krim. After his evacuation from the front in January 1944, he joined an active unit again in December 1944: the Heeres-Festungsartillerie-Abteilung 1501. As part of the 1. Fallschirmarmee on the Western Front, he must have seen action again in East Holland, the Reichswald, the Wesel area and the Rhein, though the battle lists were not further updated.  
  • The Wehrpass is in an excellent and complete condition. It comes with the cardboard Wehrpass cover, his matching original Erkennungsmarke, and a very nice list of 6 credited Sturmtage. These have a detailed description and show his deployment as "vorgeschobener Beboachter" on the Krim.  

Artillery officer Wehrpass, EKI, Krimschild

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