• Wehrpass to Oberwachtmeister Hubert Eupen. First issue from September 1937. Very nice early military portrait photo, as Eupen had volunteered from the Wehrmacht and served with Pionier-Bataillon 19 in Holzminden from October 1935. After his first year, he moved to the Pionier-Lehr-und-Versuchs-Bataillon 1 in Dessau, for another full year of service. Called up again in May 1939, Eupen left the Heer and joined the Luftwaffe instead, with Flak-Regiment 4 in Dortmund, voluntarily signing for another 10 years. He would fight with the Flak.Rgt.4 for four long years, following his Abteilung in the French campaign and on the central sector of the Eastern Front.  
  • In April 1943, he moved to the Flak-Abteilung 704 (mot.), good for another two years of fighting on the Eastern Front. With this last unit, he acquired four Erdkampftage and two Nahkampftage which were recorded on page 49 of the Wehrpass. Very nice detail of fighting against enemy Panzer attacks in places including Wierzebaum (now Wierzbno) and Willichsee (now Gorzyn) in Poland, January 1945. The resulting awards list is just as impressive: the KVKII, the Goldkordel zum Armt√§tigkeitsabzeichen, the Ostmedaille, the EKII, the Kraftfahrbew√§hrungsabzeichen in Bronze and lastly, following the combat in Poland 1945, the Erdkampfabzeichen and the EKI make for a total of seven awards.  
  • The Wehrpass is in a very good and complete condition.  

Flak NCO Wehrpass, Erdkampf- and Nahkampftage, EKI

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