• Soldbuch to Oberjäger and later Feldwebel Georg Hösch. Zweitschrift issued in January 1944 while Hösch was serving with Gebirgsjäger-Regiment 99, at that time fighting partisans in Yugoslavia. In April that year, the GJR.99 was transferred to Greece, but Hösch stayed in Yugoslavia to serve with Grenadier-Regiment 893, part of the 264. Infanterie-Division in Dalmatia. This regiment as well was fighting the Yugoslavian partisans with severe losses. By early 1945, the losses were too high and the 264.ID was retreated to Denmark. Again, Hösch was destined to remain in Croatia and join his final unit: the Jäger-Regiment 21 (L), part of the Feld-Division 11 (L), a former Luftwaffen-Felddivision that had been absorbed by the Heer late 1943. Hösch must have served with the Jäg.Rgt.21 until the end of the war, surrendering in the Ostalb area.  
  • The Soldbuch is missing pages 21-24. By the ribbon bar on his portrait photo, we must assume that Feldwebel Hösch was awarded at least the EK2 and the Ostmedaille. Notice the great weapon entries including an Italian rifle, a P.38 pistol and an MP40 machine pistol.   

Jäger Soldbuch, Yugoslavian partisans

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