• Wehrpass to Gefreiter Kurt Görder. First issue from July 1936. Görder, the son of an engineer, earned the SA Sportabzeichen before the war, did his three months of military duty in Spring 1939 but was soon called up again in September 1939. He ended up with Infanterie-Regiment 271, which caried the honorary title "Feldherrnhalle"... later the Gren.Rgt.271 would form the base of the well known Panzer-Division Feldherrnhalle.  
  • In May 1940, the Inf.Rgt.271 was part of the 93. Infanterie-Division invading France from the Maginot Line west of Saarlautern. During the fighting on the Rhein-Marne canal, Görder was badly wounded by shots in the left arm and left leg on June 20th, 1940. He survived the wound, but was unfit for further military service. He was released from the Wehrmacht and received not only the Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz, but also the EKII following his early wound.  
  • Wehrpass in complete and very good condition.  

France 1940 WIA Wehrpass 93.ID

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